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Ecovative’s MycoComposite™ platform uses mycelium— the root structure of mushrooms—to bind together organic matter like agricultural waste and wood chips to produce durable, biodegradable, and 100% vegan composite materials.

Our MycoComposite™ Platform is used to produce Grown Molded Shapes, ideal for packaging , home goods, and other smaller complex shapes, and Large Panels and Blocks, ideal for construction, theater sets, acoustic paneling, and wetland rafts.


Using our MycoComposite™ platform, Ecovative’s team of designers can grow complex biodegradable shapes according to specific densities and material compositions for applications ranging from packaging, home accessories, and other smaller molded shapes where achieving a complex geometry is important.

Anything you can imagine that is thermoformable, our design team can grow into a custom shape.

At Ecovative, we use recyclable thermoformed growth trays to grow our materials.

Over a period of six days, the mushroom mycelium grows throughout the substrate. Then we take the grown parts out of their molds and put them into our industrial kiln to dry and sterilize the mycelium structure, resulting in a lightweight, durable shape.

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Ecovative’s manufacturing system enables the growth of large MycoComposite™ blocks of mycelium and wood. These can be cut, sanded, and used as ultra low density particle board panels or shaped into large volumes.

Perfect for a range of applications including construction, theater sets, wetland rafts, and acoustic barriers.

100% BioBased MycoComposite™ Panels and Blocks meet the highest standards for sustainable goods, including C2C Gold Certification, yet perform well in demanding applications.

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Ecovative’s MycoComposite™ Panels and Blocks are produced using our patented biomaterials platform which uses mycelium, a self assembling biological binder, to grow a lightweight gap filling glue.