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Through an industrial biofabrication process, Ecovative’s MycoFlex™ platform produces high-performance, pure mycelium structure.

Whereas our MycoComposite™ platform uses mycelium to bind together organic material substrates like wood chips or other forms of agricultural waste, our MycoFlex™ materials are composed of 100% pure mycelium foam.

High-Performance Foams

Ecovative’s MycoFlex™ platform enables the enngineering of high-performance, pure mycelium foam that can be tailored into a variety of end materials for applications ranging from running shoes, filtration, makeup applicators, apparel, and cellular scaffolding for lab grown meat.


  • For our substrate, we source agricultural waste, like chopped-up corn stalks and husks, from regional farmers.
  • The agricultural waste is steam-cleaned and introduced to mycelium.
  • Our growth trays are washed & re-used each week to grow new parts.
  • Loose particles are packed into the growth tray where the mycelium grows in a controlled environment through the substrate, and around the particles binding them together.
  • We induce a very special form of aerial mycelium growth that builds up into a large sheet (3-5" tall) over the course of 5-6 days, which is removed from the growth tray.
  • We then cut this mycelium from the substrate and cut all the edges.