Our Atlast™ Platform applies the latest developments from our Mycelium Foundry to food and tissue engineering. In both of these applications, a required element to produce tissue is structure. Mycelium is a self-assembling, 3D scaffolding with tunable porosity — making it an ideal material to build upon.



Mycelium is a natural, edible ingredient for structure in plant-based and cell-based food applications to deliver whole cuts of “meat” to the dinner table.


Tissue Engineering

Tissue engineering requires scaffolding to support cell growth and dictate the texture and strength of the grown tissue. Early studies with leading labs have shown excellent proliferation, cell adhesion and differentiation using material from our Atlast™ platform.


We are actively seeking partners in the cell and plant-based food spaces. Please reach out to us if your company would like to learn more about our applications for mycelium in the food industry.