BioProcess & Fermentation Engineer

 Join our leading edge Research and Development team as BioProcess / Fermentation Engineer to collaborate with biologists and research scientists on research projects to develop new equipment for incubation and tissue generation.

This role will lead equipment design and fabrication projects, as well as oversee the implementation of new equipment within the Research and Development Manufacturing team.  This role will assist with troubleshooting and maintaining existing custom built equipment, as well as perform daily hands-on fabrication.

Our ideal candidate has these characteristics:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Engineering with deep cross-platform knowledge of controlled environment biological materials manufacturing and incubator design, preferably specific to fermentation systems, especially solid state. 

  • Must have fundamental knowledge of thermal and fluid mechanics with proven ability to apply theory to practical application and design systems around first principles. 

  • Experience with Computational Fluid Dynamics and Computational Thermodynamics. 

  • Experience in R&D environment designing and fabricating systems for growth of biological materials. 

  • Experience with sanitary design and aseptic technique including considerations of material selection, washdown fabrication, clean in place systems, etc. 

  • Competent hands on fabricator equally able to make and send a set of drawings to a local shop or fabricate components in-house when needed.

  • Experience with environmental control and fabrication of incubation environments including Temperature, RH, Gas, and Air Flow control

  • Sensor selection, installation, data capture, and data analysis.

  • basic industrial componentry including electrical such as HMIs, PLC controls, and SCADA.

  • fluid systems such as chillers, circulating pumps, fans, and blowers.

  • CAD experience, preferably Solidworks.

  • Background in fundamental biology, including experience in lab environment research and development, preferably on complex microbial ecosystems and individual organisms.

  • Experience with experimental design and execution specific to biological sciences.

  • Education and/or training in microbiology.

  • Must possess exceptional organizational skills.

  • conscientious in the workplace.

  • attention to detail.

  • independently driven.

  • team player.

  • This role requires the ability to communicate across functions.

Please submit a cover letter along and a resumé, or request an application to Human Resources at
We will review your qualifications and contact you if you are a potential match for the position.

Thank you for your interest in joining our team!