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Guest Blog: Jon Calos: Using GIY at Emma Willard School

Written by Ecovative | 04/18/17

I have been working with Ecovative for many years. As a high school biology teacher and dedicated environmentalist, I jumped at the chance to use their Grow it Yourself (GIY) material as soon as it was available. It was a special opportunity for me to do research in the classroom, to gi...


A Journey Into: Interior Acoustics

Written by Ecovative | 04/10/17

Everyone has been in a noisy, echoing room before. When I recently moved out of a large apartment, the first thing I noticed after removing the paintings from the walls and curtains from the windows was how suddenly foreign the room felt—not just from the change of aesthetics in what had been my home, but from the change in noise as well.  The room that had previously felt quiet and cozy was now ec...


A Walk Through the Evolution of a New Product

Written by Ecovative | 04/04/17

I use hundreds of different products every day, but how often do I stop to think about where they come from?  Not just geographically, but how did the inception come about in the first place.  Last week we posted a blog about the new breakaway corners


Breakaway Corners

Written by Ecovative | 03/28/17

What if all consumer goods manufacturers were responsible for the environmental cost of the packaging their products are shipped in?  This question of “Extended Producer Responsibility”—shifting responsibility and costs from local governments and customers back to producers—is being considered in states coast-to-coast.  It was a focus of discussion at the


GIY Mushroom Furniture with Tom Sippel

Written by Ecovative | 03/24/17

Tom arrived at Ecovative and unpacked in the quiet conference room, keeping the protective coverings on his work—shielding them from view.  What Tom revealed amazed us all—several unique and beautifully crafted pieces of furniture—made using our Grow It Yourself material.  


Growing Home: It's for the Birds

Written by Ecovative | 03/20/17

With the first day of Spring, I happened upon some interesting facts in the Farmer’s Almanac about the vernal equinox. Did you know: “The vernal equin...

Launching a Collaboration to Grow a More Sustainable Economy

Written by Ecovative | 03/20/17

Photographer: Ben Mund, courtesy of LAUNCH. The fundamentally fascinating thing, the core novel idea that led to the creation of Ecovative is that one can take a mixture of agricultural p...

My Inaugural Effort to Grow the U.S. Capitol Dome

Written by Ecovative | 01/20/17

Touring around Washington, D.C. during the December holidays with my husband, it was fascinating to see all of the work going on setting up for the Presidential inauguration. From the White House, all the way down the Mall and Pennsylvania Avenue, up to Capitol Hill, preparations were underway. Millions of people from around the country and the world would soon turn their focus to the

Vision Realized: Dreaming of a Biofabricated Future—and Finding Yourself There

Written by Ecovative | 09/12/16

Heading out the door of our Green Island, NY headquarters, scrambling to get to the airport to board a hastily rebooked flight, this one enroute to the Netherlands, where I will be a judge at the Dutch Postcode Lottery’s Green Challenge business plan competition September 14th, I paused and had one of those moments where you realize you have just traveled through time. I’m sure it&rs...


Inside Our Troy Facility

Written by Ecovative | 03/07/16

In February, we had announced that we were opening a second manufacturing plant in our neighboring town of Troy, NY. This facility was an exciting project for us because it was going to take our packaging production line that was located in Iowa and bring it right into our backyard. Well, we are excited to announce that the 20,000 square foot facility is up and running, and the team has produced over 68,000 Mushroom® parts there since J...


Ecovative Collaborates to Make Bodysurfing Handplanes Disappear

Written by Ecovative | 02/10/16

Sean Starky on the North Shore of Oahu testing the Ecovative Mushroom Board core coated with Entropy Dissolvable resin for an Enjoy Handplane, made for Patagonia.  


Sustainable Attractions and Standards: Reflections on the BIFMA 360˚ Leadership Conference

Written by Ecovative | 01/28/16

by Jon Parry Business Development Manager Austin, Texas   I had the opportunity to spend an interesting three days at the Business and Institutional Manufacturers Association’s (BIFMA) annual 360˚ ...

Ecovative: From The Perspective of Emily Moore

Written by Ecovative | 12/17/15

This is a new blog series where we interview a handful of new employees across different departments to see their view of Ecovative! First up, we interviewed Emily Moore- Ecovative’s Director of First Impressions. Emily has been in this role for about 2 months.

Remembering Chris Charbonneau

Written by Ecovative | 12/14/15

On Flag Day, June 14th, 2015, Ecovative lost a valued member of our team. Chris Charbonneau was a man that came into work every day with incredible gusto and enthusiasm. The passion, work ethic, and humor that he brought into our daily lives will forever be missed. Chris is remembered every day at our home away from home. I still sometimes expect to see him when I turn the corner around the dryers, ...


Compost and Carrots from Myco Foam Nutrients

Written by Ecovative | 12/04/15

By Julian Hadley Step 1: Making the Compost For this experiment, I used two compost bins that I have at home. 1 compost bin contained Myco Foam pieces in it as the brown matter, and the other bin had sugar maple leaves with some twigs in it as the brown matter. The gr...


GIY Adventures with Our Young Scientists!

Written by Ecovative | 12/01/15

I would guess that science is not a typical topic discussed at most family dinners, especially when the audience consists of a 5 and 3 year old. However at my house, science is always on the table, and conversations from cell division, human anatomy, and celestial orbits are common place (particularly between me and my 5 year old son Carter). Being a scientist by trade, I find great joy when my son asks if we can play science on a Saturday ...

Ecovative and Danielle Trofe at World Maker Faire- limited edition GIY kit available!

Written by Ecovative | 09/01/15

Who: Ecovative and Danielle Trofe What: Grow It Yourself! at 6th Annual World Maker Faire Where: New York Hall of Science, Queens When: September 26 & 27 10AM – 6PM  Details: Ecovative, an upstate...


Designing Shiro- A Stool Created with Mushroom Materials

Written by Ecovative | 08/17/15

Shiro is an appealing stool, designed with the innovative Mushroom Material in mind. It is the outcome of a research and design process, which questioned the integration of a new material in furniture design. A material that uses the growing process of mushrooms to create...

Interested in Becoming an Ecovator?

Written by Ecovative | 08/04/15

Are you interested in joining Ecovative’s dynamic, fun, and motivated team? If you haven’t had a chance to check out our Careers page lately, you should make your way over there right now to see what roles we’re currently hiring for (it’s about 4 positions right now!). Since we are actively hiring, we figured it was a good time to provide some insight into our ...


Steelcase, Students, and Sustainability

Written by Ecovative | 07/24/15

Written by Kaitlyn Aholt and Alicia Crawford- Materials Chemistry at Steelcase This past March, Steelcase’s Materials Chemistry team (part of Global Environmental Sustainability team) took a trip out to Cherry Creek Elementary in Lowell, Michigan to spend the morning with Mr. Audia's 4th grade science class. He periodically brings in guest speakers to talk about their careers and give his students an idea of the many different...


A Biodegradable Urn, Grown by Florian Gregor

Written by Ecovative | 07/14/15

Hi everyone! My name is Florian Gregor, I am 24 years old and from Salzburg, Austria. I have been studying Forest Products Technology and Timber Constructions at the University of Applied Sciences in Salzburg. In my bachelor degree course we have been working a lot with wood materials. Due to the University I studied at, I am constantly confronted with the topic of sustainability. This year I w...

Quirky explores GIY Mushroom Material

Written by Ecovative | 06/24/15

An Eco-vative idea: biodegradable mushroom packaging This post originally appeared at [youtube]   Ever think...

Ecovative Featured in Post-Petroleum Design Book

Written by Ecovative | 05/26/15

"Around the world, more and more people are growing concerned about oil and its consequences and are moving toward new alternatives. This movement is happening at all scales, from major auto manufacturers developing biodegradable vehicles to individuals saying no to pl...

Ecovative Supports New York Industrial Hemp

Written by Ecovative | 05/14/15

New York is taking its first steps toward regulating the growth of industrial hemp, joining 19 other states with sanctioned programs. Industrial Hemp – the plant Cannabis sativa L. with a delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content no greater than 0.3% - can be transformed into a myriad of products ranging from cordage to automotive parts and yes, even Mushroom® M...

GIY- Gettin’ Technical

Written by Ecovative | 05/12/15

Just as spring is in full bloom, so is our recently launched GIY program. Since the launch, we’ve been inundated with orders and many questions regarding some of the more technical aspects of our GIY Mushroom® Material. Why did we choose this amount of material to put in the GIY bag? Why do we need to use plastic bags with a filter-patch? Why do we need to add water? These are some of t...

Join Ecovative and Danielle Trofe for a GIY demo in Brooklyn

Written by Ecovative | 04/20/15

Ecovative​ will team up with ​Danielle Trofe​,​ a Brooklyn­-based designer, to demonstrate how

The Nutrients in Mushroom® Packaging Can Help You Grow Food

Written by Ecovative | 04/01/15

Ecovative grows its packaging on the fibers of agricultural plants. The macromolecules that compose those fibers, and the mineral nutrients that are bound to them, can be recycled in your own garden and used to grow vegetables! To prove this, I created compost from Myco Foam packaging samples that were mixed with ordinary kitchen food scraps (no meat!), and turned ten times once a week in a compost tumbler throughout the growing season of 2...

How You Can Help Companies Switch to Sustainable Packaging

Written by Ecovative | 03/19/15

If everyone knows that plastic is bad for the environment, why is it still so widely used? That’s the question that has been bugging me for as long as I can remember. Most of us are taught from a young age that these materials are horrible for the environment and our health (thank you to all the awesome teachers and parents who carry on this education!), but when we order a package ...

Remembering Burt Swersey

Written by Ecovative | 03/13/15

It is with overwhelming sadness I share with you the news that our original champion and progenitor Burt Swersey passed away earlier this week. Burt was instrumental in the creation of Ecovative, which grew out of his Inventors Studio course, and was involved throughout our history to date. Burt was the most remarkable human I have ever encountered. He combined a passion for technological innovation with the firm belief that we must apply t...

The Adaptability of Ecovators

Written by Ecovative | 02/27/15

When I started at Ecovative back in 2011, we occupied a small warehouse space and were still in the early “start-up” phase of production. Over time, we moved from our tiny place to a factory twice the size across the street. Even that proved unable to hold us back in our growth and we took over another section of the warehouse strip. It was easy enough, just smash a hole in the wall and annex the space beyond. Like the mycelium ...

How Can We Prevent Ocean Plastic Pollution?

Written by Ecovative | 02/20/15

Plastic pollution in our waterways is a serious problem. The evidence published last week in the Feb 13th issue of Science, exposed the 4.8-12 million metric tons per year (!!) of plastic reaching our oceans in a report called "Plastic waste inputs from land into the ocean." Time is short to rescue ocean life. Ecovative's Mushroom Materials can help eliminat...

The Latest on Mushroom® Surfboards

Written by Ecovative | 02/18/15

At Ecovative, we’ve always wanted to grow sustainable surfboard cores from our foam replacement. This application started as a personal project for Gavin, one of Ecovative’s co-founders; growing up surfing on Long Island, he’s had, since some of the earliest days of the company, a desire to create a Mushroom® Surfboard. We tried (and, despite what Gavin may sentimentally recall, failed miserably) a few times throughout...

We've got spirit, yes we do!

Written by Ecovative | 02/13/15

At Ecovative, excitement is always in the air. We’re excited about replacing toxic products, promoting sustainability, and changing the world. How can a team of young scientists and engineers NOT be enthusiastic about that prospect? While Ecovative’s team is filled with diverse people who have varying experience and expertise, it is no surprise that the entire company shares a mentality with the Co-founders' Alma Mater. ...

Ecovative’s Chief Mycologist visits Atlanta, GA

Written by Ecovative | 02/10/15

Thoughts of warmer temperatures, blue skies and pecan pie filled my head as I left last Tuesday afternoon bound for Atlanta, Georgia. I arose the next morning, put on my down coat, hat and mittens and thought, “It will warm up.” Well everything is relative. Compared to the subzero temperatures I left behind in upstate New York, the brisk 25oF felt pretty good.

Biomimetica: a student project that came to life with Mushroom Materials

Written by Ecovative | 02/04/15

Back in September, I received an email from a graphic design student in Sao Paulo, Brazil. His name is Julio Glatt and he was interested in creating a book about biomimicry and life’s principles. Naturally, he envisioned creating the book out of sustainable materials, and he turned to Eco...

How Long Does It Take for Plastic to Biodegrade? (Who Knows!)

Written by Ecovative | 01/22/15

  Many of our grandparents can remember a time when they lived without any plastics. They managed to drink beverages on the go, carry groceries, and package products entirely with materials that were either compostable or completely recyclable. S...

Everything is Energy

Written by Ecovative | 01/21/15

True statements: Everything is energy. Energy flows to transform matter. At Ecovative, we are mindful of how the energy flows. Our process fits within the earth’s carbon cycle, sequestering carbon atoms for the life of our Mushroom® Material products, and then sl...

Breakfast with the Co-Founders

Written by Ecovative | 01/14/15

Ever wonder what it’s like to have a conversation with Ecovative’s Co-Founders, Eben and Gavin? Sure, you’ve probably seen some of the news clips and interviews they have done, and can probabl...

Compost: Let’s Break it Down

Written by Ecovative | 01/07/15

Waste is a human invention. It could be argued that the concept of waste may have been developed 10-12 thousand years ago with the advent of agricultural surpluses. But it’s really only been in the past 100 years or so that the concept of...

Eben Bayer and Gavin McIntyre featured on Forbes 30 under 30 list

Written by Ecovative | 01/05/15

We are thrilled to announce that Eben and Gavin have made the 2015 Forbes 30 under 30 list! This list, now in its 4th year, highlights some of the top innovators, entrepreneurs, and game changers that are under the age of 30. Ecovative is featured under the Manufacturing category- a new addition to the list of categories since 

Mushroom® Packaging Comes to Japan

Written by Ecovative | 09/30/14

Green Island, NY-- Ecovative is bringing Mushroom® Packaging, a premium, high performing, cost-competitive, and truly sustainable alternative to conventional plastic foam packaging, to Japan. It is an alternative to plastic protective packaging foams like EPE, EPP and EPS, but it is neither a plastic foam nor a bioplastic. It is actually grown from mycelium (mushroom “roots”) and low value crop waste. Ecovat...

Your Product Ideas Come to Life with Ecovative’s “Grow It Yourself” Mushroom® Materials

Written by Ecovative | 07/22/14

Green Island, NY -- In the early stages of designing the Hy-Fi towers for MoMA’s Young Architects Program, David Benjamin, principle Architect of The Living, knew that he wanted to incorporate Ecovative’s renewable and award-winning Mushroom® Materials in the structure. After initial discussions, David made a trip to Ecovative headquarters in Green Island, NY to see the proce...

Mushroom® Packaging to Premiere Internationally at Interpack

Written by Ecovative | 05/02/14

Green Island, NY, May 2, 2014– New York-based Ecovative offers Mushroom packaging, a Cradle to Cradle Gold Certified alternative to conventional plastic packaging. While many renewable packaging materials are made from plants, Ecovative is harnessing a kingdom that’s never been considered for materials: Fungi. This radical new technology has been proven in the US with customers such as Dell, Steelcase, and Crate & Ba...

Energy Globe Awards Top Honors to Ecovative for Category Earth

Written by Ecovative | 02/06/14

On February 4, 2014, Ecovative proudly accepted the Energy Globe Award in a ceremony in Salzburg, Austria. The competition includes 161 nations competing for awards in 5 categories: Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Youth. As the only project representing the United States, Ecovative was awarded the international prize for the Earth category, with other category finalists presenting projects from India, China, and Uzbekistan.

Ecovative to Present Latest Building Developments at Greenbuild

Written by Ecovative | 11/20/13

Green Island, NY, November 20, 2013-- Ecovative, the New York-based biomaterials company best known for its home-compostable Mushroom® Packaging, today presents two developing applications in building and construction markets. Myco Foam and Myco Board will be showcased at Greenbuild in Philadelphia November 20th- 22nd. Myco Foam is a cost-competitive, naturally fire-resistant alternative to standard foam board insulatio...

Ecovative and Fortifiber Building Systems Group Form Strategic Partnership to Develop and Sell Environmentally Responsible Insulated Sheathing

Written by Ecovative | 11/18/13

Ecovative Design LLC, 70 Cohoes Avenue, Green Island, NY 12183Fortifiber Building Systems Group, 300 Industrial Dr., Fernley, NV 89408For Immediate ReleaseFERNLEY, NV and GREEN ISLAND, NY – November 15, 2013 – Ecovative Design LLC and Fortifiber Building Systems Group® today announced a strategic partnership to develop and...

Ecovative Raises Over $14 Million of Equity Capital

Written by Ecovative | 11/05/13

Green Island, NY, November 5, 2013 -  Ecovative Design LLC, a Green Island, New York-based company, announced today that it has raised over $14 million in equity financing from new and existing investors, including existing investors the DOEN Foundation and 3M Company. Terms were not disclosed. Ecovative uses its patent protected mycelium-based technology to grow 100% home-compostable, cost and performance competitive c...

Buckminster Fuller Institute Honors Ecovative With Socially-Responsible Design's Highest Award

Written by Ecovative | 10/22/13

Green Island, NY, Oct 22 2013 - Today, Ecovative is honored to...

Ecovative is a Finalist for the 2013 Buckminster Fuller Challenge

Written by Ecovative | 10/16/13

Green Island, NY, Oct 15 2013 – Ecovative’s Mushroom Material platform has been selected as a finalist in the 2013 Buckminster Fuller Challenge, the prestigious annual design science competition named "Social...

Unveiling the World’s First Mushroom® Surfboards

Written by Ecovative | 09/24/13

Green Island, NY, Sept 24 2013 - Ecovative to Unveil World’s First Mushroom® Surfboards Next month, Ecovative, a New York based biomaterials company best known for its sustainable packaging materials, will reveal the first ever prototypes of Mushroom® Surfboards. Grown from patented mater...

Tiny House Contends for Innovation Prize

Written by Ecovative | 09/17/13

We are thrilled to announce that Ecovative’s Mushroom Tiny House project, and the concept of grown-in-place Mushroom® Insulation, has been selected as one of 10 finalists for the Cradle to Cradle Product Innovation Prize! 144 applicants were screened by Cradle to Cradle certification experts, toxicologists from ToxServices, and building professionals from Make It Right. These judges ...

Smithsonian Opens Voting For People’s Design Awards

Written by Ecovative | 09/12/13

Ecovative’s Tiny House has been anonymously nominated for the Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt’s National Design Awards, which includes public selection for the People’s Design Award. The National Design Awards were conceived by the Smithsonian’s Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum to honor lasting achievement in American design. The Awards are bestowed in recognition of excellence, in...

Eben Bayer Returns to 2013 Green Challenge

Written by Ecovative | 09/10/13

This month marks five years since a major milestone in Ecovative's growth - winning the Postcode Lottery Green Challenge in 2008 (video). This year, Eben Bayer will return to the Green Challenge to engage with organizers and contest finalists. In its annual competition, the challenge looks for products or services that combine sustainability, entrepreneurship, and creativ...

Danish Design Center Features Mushroom Materials in "Darling Materials," Designer Curated Exhibition

Written by Ecovative | 09/05/13

The Danish Design Center will include several samples of Myco Foam and Myco Board in its new collection, My Darling Materials. The DDC asked a selection of materials experts to choose their own material darlings, and designer Chris Lefteri selected Mushroom® Material as a top choice. While Myco Foam was

LAUNCH Selects Ecovative as Innovator for 2013 Systems Challenge

Written by Ecovative | 08/30/13

Ecovative is proud to announce that LAUNCH and its Founding Partners have selected Mushroom Materials as one of 10 Innovators for the 2013 Systems Challenge. LAUNCH was founded in 2010 as a strategic partnership between NASA, NIKE, the U.S. Department of State, and the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID). Today, the challenge continues as a global initiative that supports innovations and ideas that will contribute to a sustainab...

Ecovative Selected as a Semi-Finalist for the 2013 Buckminster Fuller Challenge

Written by Ecovative | 08/21/13

For Immediate Release August 21, 2013 – Ecovative has been named a 2013 Semi-Finalist in the Buckminster Fuller Challenge, the prestigious annual design science competition nam...

New Website Accessible At Home, On the Go

Written by Ecovative | 07/23/13

The new is a content-inclusive mobile-responsive online center for all information and updates on Ecovative. Viewers experience the same content on devices and screens of all sizes, with open ability to navigate or access information. The site features content to inform our public and private audiences about existing and developing technology. At Ecovative, our mission is to develop sustainable products that directly repla...

Latest Plastic Foam Replacements made from Mushroom® Packaging to Be Exhibited at East Pack 2013, Booth 1349

Written by Ecovative | 06/13/13

~ Sealed Air and Ecovative to Display Restore™ - the Most Sustainable and Rapidly Renewable Packaging Material On the Market Today ~ Green Island, NY - June 11, 2013 - Today, Ecovative, a material science company known for its innovative mycelium technology that replaces plastic foam and other synthetic materials with natural alternatives, announces that new achievements in performance and aest...

Gavin Joins Biopolymer Symposium 2013 in Chicago

Written by Ecovative | 06/11/13

Ecovative Chief Scientist Gavin McIntyre will participate in this year's Biopolymer Symposium at Chicago's Field Museum on June 11 and 12. In addition to attending conference events, Gavin will co-chair Wednesday afternoon's session "Biopolymers from Novel Feedstocks and Developing Technologies." About the Biopolymer Symposium At Biopolymers 2013, nearly 60 expert speakers will cover the most i...

Small Business Administration Awards Tibbetts for Best SBIR

Written by Ecovative | 05/17/13

The Small Business Administration (SBA) has selected Ecovative as a 2013 recipient of the Tibbetts Award for excellence in Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR). Ecovative's Chief Scientist, Gavin McIntyre, accepted the award in a ceremony at the White House on Thursday, May 16. According to the SBA, a study conducted by R&D Magazine between 2002 and 2006 concluded that 25 percent of the annual Top 100 Innovations came from companies ...

From The New Yorker: Form and Fungus by Ian Frazier

Written by Ecovative | 05/16/13

Ecovative's past and future have been featured in The New Yorker's May 20 innovation issue. Writer Ian Frazier conducted extensive interviews and research with our team members and supporters to understand and present the roots of our growth and the principles of Ecovative's culture and focus. Frazier's writing presents one of the best and most comprehensive written accounts of Ecovative to date.

Ecovative Wins EPA Grant

Written by Ecovative | 05/07/13

Ecovative has been awarded a Phase 1 Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant from the US Environmental Protection Agenc...

Sealed Air and Ecovative Expand Relationship to Produce, Sell and Distribute Mushroom Packaging in Europe

Written by Ecovative | 05/03/13

ELMWOOD PARK, N.J. and GREEN ISLAND, N.Y., May 3, 2013  – Sealed Air Corporation (NYSE: SEE) and Ecovative Design LLC completed an agreement to expand their existing relationship in order to continue to accelerate the production, sales and distribution of Ecovative’s Mushroom® Packaging in Europe. Sealed Air plans to begin offering the products in Europe immediately. La...

Announcing the Mushroom Tiny House

Written by Ecovative | 05/03/13

Announcing a bold new project: We’re not just bu...

Formula Hybrid Racecar Puts Mushroom Materials In Motion

Written by Ecovative | 04/27/13

After months of designing and building including an Ecovative growing cycle, Rensselaer's Formula Hybrid racing team has unveiled their 2013 racecar, The Heron. In addition to advanced performance from battery placement and lighter weight from material selection, the team of 19 students selected Ecovative to grow side impact bolsters to protect the car's driver. Ecovative scientists worked with the local team to design and grow custom shapes,...

US Under Secretary of Commerce Patrick Gallagher Visits

Written by Ecovative | 04/16/13

Ecovative is honored to host Patrick Gallagher (a real physicist), Under Secretary of Commerce for Standards and Technology. Gallagher also serves as Director of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), promoting domestic innovation and competition in the industry through the advancement of measurement science, standards, and technology. Gallagher is a government overseer of the National Advisory Council on Innov...

Ecovative Celebrates National Ag Day 2013

Written by Ecovative | 03/19/13

GREEN ISLAND, NY, Tuesday, March 19, 2013 – Ecovative acknowledges the crucial support of New York State farmers to advance the development and commercialization of our material technology. Today marks the 40th year of National Ag Day celebrations but the first time Ecovative has had a chance to participate. In 2012, with the support of farmers in Rensselaer, Schoharie, and Washington counties in New York, Ecovative acquired over one million ...

Live from the World Economic Forum

Written by Ecovative | 01/25/13

Ecovative's CEO and Co-founder, Eben Bayer, has spent all week at the World Economic Forum meeting in Davos-Klosters, Switzerland. Throughout this week and next, he'll be sharing his insights on the inspiration and innovation behind Mushroom Materials, modeling our economic system based on the principles of natural systems and more. Stay tuned next week for guest posts on and the

Ecovative Returns to World Economic Forum

Written by Ecovative | 01/22/13

For release: Disruptive Mushroom Material Company Returns to the 2013 World Economic Forum GREEN ISLAND, NY, Monday, January 21, 2013 - Eben Bayer, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Ecovative Design LLC will be attending The World Economic Forum meeting in Davos Kloster, Switzerland on January 23rd through 26th. Ecovative was named a Technology Pioneer by the forum in 2011, and this will be Ecovative’s third time at ...

Ecovative Wins DEC's 2012 Environmental Excellence Award

Written by Ecovative | 12/06/12

DEC Recognizes Seven Innovative Programs Working to Sustain NY's Natural Resources and Strengthen the Economy

Ecovative Wins RISE Award

Written by Ecovative | 11/26/12

Last month, Ecovative was awarded with the Durable Product Award at the RISE (Research, Innovation & Science for Engineered Fabrics) Conference in Baltimore, Maryland. Chief Scientist Gavin McIntyre and Environmental Director Sam Harrington accepted the award on behalf of the Ecovative team. The RISE show brought together the global nonwovens/engineered materials value chain for two days of thought-provoking, boundary expanding discussion...

Focus Forward Film Competition Features Ecovative Founders and Technology

Written by Ecovative | 11/15/12

Ecovative has been highlighted in a short-length film. The film is a semi-finalist in the Focus Forward film competition, with a $100,000 grand prize awarded at the 2013 Sundance festival. To see the video and cast your vote:

Ecovative Hosts New York Governor Andrew Cuomo

Written by Ecovative | 10/23/12

New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo visited Ecovative's facilities in Green Island, New York earlier today. CEO Eben Bayer hosted Cuomo's tour, and offered an overview of the company, the products, and the growth processes. Ecovative uses many agricultural by-products purchased from New York state farms and farmers as material inputs. The company's growth further supports the state's economy by creating jobs. Governor Cuomo expressed support ...

Ecovative Named Contender for 2012 World Technology Award

Written by Ecovative | 10/18/12

The World Technology Network (WTN – announced that Ecovative has been named a finalist for a prestigious World Technology Award in the materials category. Ecovative joins a roster of approximately 50 organizations and 100 individuals in this annual competition deemed by the members of the World Technology Network (“The WTN”) to be doing the “most innovative work of the greatest likely long-term significance.”The World Technology A...

Ecovative Presenters On The Road

Written by Ecovative | 10/15/12

The next several weeks offer several opportunities to hear from Ecovative team members as we share our products and technologies. Wednesday, October 17th, 11:30 am: "Single Step Biopolymers, Self Assembly in Nature" - Chief Scientist Gavin McIntyre will speak at the Biopolymers Symposium in San Antonio, Texas. October 23 - 25: Gavin and Sam Harrington participate in the RISE (Research, Inno...

Eben Presents Keynote Speech at Applied Brilliance

Written by Ecovative | 10/09/12

Yesterday, CEO Eben Bayer spoke at the Applied Brilliance conference in Sonoma, California. Eben spoke about his experience and knowledge with disruptive technologies. Ecovative's plan focuses specifically on approaches for reinventing, rebuilding, and recreating the industrial economy to produce products that replenish our planet and ultimately produce a positive net gain. Eben's philosophy, embodied in Ecovative, supports approaches for crea...

CEO Eben Bayer Speaks at the Clinton Global Initiative Topic Dinner

Written by Ecovative | 10/02/12

Eben just returned from speaking at the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) Annual Meeting in New York City. Invited as a keynote speaker for a topic dinner, Eben represented the United Postcode Lotteries Green Challenge (PLGC) and the commitment to scale up their green business competition, which Eben and Gavin won in 2008. By increasing the amount of entries, the quality and countries of origin, United Postcode Lotteries aim to speed up the deve...

Chief Scientist Gavin McIntyre Speaks at TEDxPresidio

Written by Ecovative | 10/02/12

Gavin has led Ecovative's material and biological process developments since co-founding the company in 2007. In September, Gavin spoke about bio-connectivity at TEDxPresidio. [youtube]

Ecovative Nominated For Sustainia Award with Arnold Schwarzenegger

Written by Ecovative | 09/10/12

We are proud to announce our nomination for the Sustainia Award, an international award that recognizes sustainable solutions around the world for their ability to drive positive change and elevate sustainable societies.

Ecovative Named One of the Sustainia100 at Rio+20

Written by Ecovative | 06/21/12

Sustainia shows us a sustainable world that’s possible today. Everything in Sustainia is -and forever will be – built 100% on solutions. Solutio...

Sealed Air and Ecovative Complete Agreement to Accelerate Commercialization of New Sustainable Packaging Material

Written by Ecovative | 06/20/12

ELMWOOD PARK, N.J. and GREEN ISLAND, N.Y., Wednesday, June 20, 2012  – Sealed Air Corporation (NYSE: SEE) and Ecovative Design LLC completed an agreement to accelerate the production, sales and distribution of Ecovative’s EcoCradle® Mushroom® Packaging, a new technology for environmentally responsible packaging materials made from agricultural byproducts and mycelium, or “mushroom roots”. As part ...

Meet Caroline: Intern from Emma Willard School

Written by Ecovative | 05/03/12

Caroline Kesselem, a senior at Emma Willard School in Troy, NY, has just completed a nine-month internship with the R&D team at Ecovative. Yesterday she gave a presentation summarizing her experience during a student achievements assembly at Emma Willard. Caroline, a budding scientist, worked in our labs throughout the school year on an independent research project that helped her gain important lab skills and a better understanding of fun...

Ecovative Design Hailed as Environmental Champion

Written by Ecovative | 03/29/12

GILLIBRAND HAILS ECOVATIVE DESIGN AS ENVIRONMENTAL CHAMPION After Gillibrand Nomination, Eco-Group Wins Prestigious Environmental Award Albany, NY – Today, U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, a member of the Environment and Public Works Committee, congratulated Ecovative Design for winning the 2012 Environmental Quality Award. Located in Green Island, Ecovative Design is leading the way in cre...

Ecovative CEO to speak at Nifty Fifty

Written by Ecovative | 03/12/12

On Friday April 27th, Ecovative CEO Eben Bayer will be speaking at the Nifty Fifty program. He will be sharing the story of Ecovative to help ignite middle and high school st...

Sealed Air and Ecovative Team Up to Accelerate Commercialization of New Sustainable Packaging Material

Written by Ecovative | 01/26/12

SADDLE BROOK, N.J. and GREEN ISLAND, NY, Thursday, January 26, 2012 – Sealed Air Corporation (NYSE: SEE) and Ecovative Design LLC are pleased to announce that they will work together to accelerate the production, sales and distribution of Ecovative’s EcoCradle® Mushroom™ Packaging, a new technology for environmentally responsible packaging materials made from agricultural byproducts and mycelium, or “mushroom roots”. Founded in 2007 and incub...

Ecovative Returns to Davos

Written by Ecovative | 01/23/12

This week, Ecovative will be returning to World Economic Forum in Davos as a Technology Pioneer. Our CEO, Eben Bayer, will once again be braving the icy slopes and treacherous funiculars of Davos-Kloster to bring Ecovative's perspective on environmentally responsible technologies and actions to the forum. As you may remember, last year Ecovative "won" the somewhat fanciful 

Nifty Fifty

Written by Ecovative | 01/11/12

Ecovative is thrilled to be included in the Nifty Fifty program. This spring, our CEO Eben Bayer will be traveling to DC to spend the day with a high school in that area. He will present on the history of Ecovative, what we are doing today, and what is next. Eben will also share strategies to help develop and realize a vision, and reveal the importance of "cowness" in innovation. About Nifty Fifty: The Nifty Fifty (times...

Eben Bayer Speaking at Sustainability in Packaging Conference

Written by Ecovative | 01/11/12

Ecovative CEO Eben Bayer will be attending and presenting at the Sustainability in Packaging conference on ...

New website!

Written by Ecovative | 12/13/11

On December 23rd, we re-launched with all new and improved content. Please explore around and check it out!

Gavin Speaking at Opportunity Green in LA Nov. 10

Written by Ecovative | 11/01/11

Ecovative's co-founder and Chief Scientist, Gavin McIntyre will be speaking at Opportunity Green in Los Angeles on November 10th. He'll be sharing the stage with Oliver Campbell from Dell to talk together about sustainability in action, and how a big business can collaborate with young blood to make a difference. Ecovative has been collaborating with...

Gavin & Bill Clinton at NYS Regional Councils Conference

Written by Ecovative | 09/29/11

Ecovative Cofounder, Gavin McIntyre, will be speaking Tuesday, September 27th at the New York State Regional Councils Conference held at the Empire State Plaza Convention Center in Albany. Bill Clinton will be delivering the keynote presentation at this important economic development conference. Learn more about the event>>...

Ecovative @ PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2011

Written by Ecovative | 08/19/11

September 26-28, 2011 Las Vegas Convention Center Las Vegas, Nevada USA Visit Us at Booth

Ecovative Named "Innovator of the Year" by Greener Package Awards

Written by Ecovative | 08/02/11

Ecovative has been named "Innovator of the Year" in the

Gavin McIntyre @ National R4 Conference

Written by Ecovative | 07/14/11

Gavin McIntyre, chief scientist and co-founder of Ecovative, will keynote the National R4 Conference of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in Las Vegas on Tuesday, J...

EcoCradle™ Mushroom® Packaging Featured on Cover of Packaging World Magazine

Written by Ecovative | 07/05/11

On the cover of their July 2011 issue, our friends at Packaging World ask "Are mushrooms the future of protective packaging?" The answer, of course, i...

BusinessWeek Names Ecovative to 2011 "America's Most Promising Social Entrepreneurs"

Written by Ecovative | 06/23/11

Ecovative is honored to be

EcoCradle™ Mushroom® Packaging Wins Prestigious DuPont Award

Written by Ecovative | 06/13/11

[caption id="attachment_359" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Sam Harrington accepts the Diamond Award on be...

Sam Harrington @ TEDxGrandRapids

Written by Ecovative | 06/03/11

[youtube=] Ecovative's own Sam Harrington was a featured speaker at the recent TEDxGrandRapids event at the Grand Rapids Civic Theatre on May 12, 2011. His presentation, entitled "Ultra-Rapid Renewables," is available on YouTube.

Ecovative Equity Announcement

Written by Ecovative | 05/27/11

May 24, 2011, GREEN ISLAND, NY - Ecovative Design, LLC, the world leader in mycelium-based materials science, today announced that a group including 3M (through its 3M New Ventures business), Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and DOEN Foundation has invested in the company. This funding will be used to scale Ecovative’s manufacturing operations and accelerate the development of its revolutionary, grown polymeric materials. The terms of the tra...

Check out our 'hot' new consumer products

Written by Ecovative | 05/25/11

Ecovative’s new consumer products hit the shelves this week! We’re partnering with Pfeil Hardware (3rd & State in Troy, NY) to showcase our newest creati...

National Bike to Work Week

Written by Ecovative | 05/20/11

May is national bike month. This week is national bike to work week. At Ecovative, we love bike commuting. Many of us cycle to work every...

NEW consumer products! Taking orders now.

Written by Ecovative | 05/16/11

I AM A MUSHROOM Candles and Herb Planters are now available on our web-store. You can be the first of your friends to hold...

TEDxGrand Rapids: Ultra-Rapid Renewable Materials

Written by Ecovative | 05/09/11

Sam Harrington will be speaking this Thursday, May 12th at TEDxGrand Rapids. He'll be talking about the mushroom materials we grow here at Ecovative, but also ...

Spring is here! EcoCradle™ mulch

Written by Ecovative | 04/11/11

This picture is from Chief Mycologist, Sue VanHook's, garlic garden that has just started sprouting through the "MycoMulch" that she's made from old EcoCradle™ parts. She reports that this stuff w...

Dell announces project to use Mushroom® Packaging!

Written by Ecovative | 04/07/11

On Monday I had the great pleasure of attending the Fortune Green conference. Set on the ocean side in sunny California it brings...

Eben's TEDxAlcatraz Talk

Written by Ecovative | 03/28/11

[youtube] CEO Eben Bayer asks the questions: How can we turn photons and CO2 into fiber? How can we turn grass into delicious, digestible protein? How can we bring water to the surface without any moving parts? How can we grow materials? Want to know the answers? Watch this talk!

Thanks Postcard Underground!

Written by Ecovative | 03/21/11

An elusive and mysterious group called the Postcard Underground has been mailing us some lovely postcards over the past few weeks. Some quotes from their postcards: "You're doing exactly what myceli...

LIVE from Material ConneXions

Written by Ecovative | 03/16/11

I'm blogging live from Material ConneXions in Manhattan. This is the display for EcoCradle™, a winner of the MEDIUM Material of the Year Award. In about an hour, over 200 guests will arrive for their MED...

Interview with Eben on SmartPlanet

Written by Ecovative | 03/11/11

You can read Eben's great interview on SmartPlanet here.

MEDIUM material of the year awards

Written by Ecovative | 03/07/11

EcoCradle was an honorable mention in Material ConneXion's MEDIUM material of the year award! If you've never heard of Material ConneXion, they're a really cool company that runs material libraries around the world. They showcase the most innovative and unusual materials to inspire designers, architects and engineers.

40 under 40: Eben and Gavin

Written by Ecovative | 02/25/11

The Albany Business Review just announced the two Ecovative co-founders, Eben and Gavin, as part of their annual 40 under 40 award! They're probably the youngest on the list too!

Garbage Warrior Screening in Albany

Written by Ecovative | 02/16/11

Live near Albany? Come watch GARBAGE WARRIOR at The Linda tomorrow night, ...

Packaging Strategies Magazine

Written by Ecovative | 02/16/11

The February 15th issue of Packaging Strategies Magazine has a quote from Ecovative's Sam Harrington. If you want to read the whole magazine, you can subscribe online. Packaging Strategies asked, "Is there still a disconnect between the package and the brand, and how can that best be bridged in the development process?" Sam's answer: " I think the un-boxing experience is seldom considered and des...

EcoCradle™ featured in Fast Company's Co.Design

Written by Ecovative | 02/07/11

Check it out here! EcoCradle™ was just featured in Fast Company's Co.Design as one of "10 Wild Materials That Could Help Save the Earth". Big thanks to Material ConneXion for naming our MycoBond™ materials as a 2010 Material of the Year Award winner!

Ecovative "Wins" the World Economic Forum in Davos!

Written by Ecovative | 01/31/11

Henry Blodget at the Business Insider writes that Ecovative was the coolest start-up at Davos! If you haven'...

Exciting Travels Ahead!

Written by Ecovative | 01/12/11

This week, Gavin and Justin are heading out to Washington, Oregon and California to go on some hikes and attend the SOMA Country Mycological Association

PBS Nightly Business Report features Ecovative

Written by Ecovative | 01/03/11

Frank Sesno and his team did a fantastic job with this 4 minute video about their visit to our pilot production facility.

Listen to Sue on Groks Science Radio

Written by Ecovative | 12/20/10

Groks Science Start listening around 9:00 to hear their interview with our chief mycologist, Sue VanHook! Learn about how Ecovative is doing amazing things with nature's recyclers: fungi!

Eben and Gavin on CNN

Written by Ecovative | 12/15/10

Okay, this is old, but it hasn't been posted on our site yet! Eben and Gavin appeared late last year on a CNN segment called "Young people who ROCK" Check it out!

NEW Myco-Bowls now available

Written by Ecovative | 12/15/10

[gallery link="file"] We've got a limited stock of these new consumer products, so buy them while they're hot for the holidays! Check them out on our web store.

energyNOW! visits Ecovative

Written by Ecovative | 11/01/10

energyNOW! just posted a great series of videos they filmed at Ecovative. Check them out! 1. Mushrooms Provide Eco-Friendly Packing Material. 2. From Cells to Squares: How Ecovative Packing Materials are Grown. 3. Out in the Woods, Where it All Start...

New Products on our Web Store

Written by Ecovative | 10/26/10

Check out the new molded packaging shapes and Myco-Ducks!

Liked Eben's TED talk? Come see him speak.

Written by Ecovative | 10/26/10

TEDxAlbany November 4th from 9am-5pm at The Egg in Albany, NY. Eben will be sharing our revolutionary myco-manufacturing methods, this time on home-turf. Tickets are available now. Cooper Hewitt Material Use Lecture November 16th from 6:30-8pm...

Ecovative Wins Environmental Investment Program Award

Written by Ecovative | 10/26/10

Ecovative Design LLC of Green Island will receive a $200,000 research and development grant to support a $404,000 project to develop and test the performance of two new green products made from organic materials and wastes sourced in New York, including mushroom roots, oat and buckwheat hulls, and paper mill residuals. Chief Scientist and Cofounder, Gavin McIntyre, said: “Ecovative will leverage the EIP award to match support from private ind...

Steelcase 2010 Sustainability Report Highlights EcoCradle

Written by Ecovative | 10/19/10

Dennis Carlson, Logistics Manger at Steelcase is featured in Steelcase’s 2010 Sustainability Report.

Listen to Sue Van Hook on WAMC Radio

Written by Ecovative | 10/13/10

In today's Academic Minute, Professor Sue Van Hook of Skidmore College's biology department discusses mushrooms.

Watch Eben's TED Talk

Written by Ecovative | 10/05/10

Are Mushrooms the New Plastic? [ted id=971]

Ecovative donates material to RPI STEM program

Written by Ecovative | 09/28/10

Ecovative donated materials to the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) summer program at RPI. These young minds performed experiments on the insulating properties of these mat...

Sustainable Packaging Coalition and Forum

Written by Ecovative | 09/13/10

Environmental Director, Sam Harrington is attending the Sustainable Packaging Coalition fall meeting this week in Phoenix. He will also be attending and exhibiting at the Sustainable Packaging Forum. If you'll be at the Forum expo, stop by the Ecovative booth to chat and take a sample of EcoCradle™ back to share with your colleagues!

World Economic Forum Names Ecovative "2011 Technology Pioneer"

Written by Ecovative | 09/02/10

Ecovative was selected as one of thirty-one companies from 13 countries for the World Economic Forum's Tech Pioneer award for being a visionary company...

Watch EcoCradle™ Grow

Written by Ecovative | 07/27/10

Watch this time-lapse of an EcoCradle™ part growing in less than 1 week: NSF video We'll be posting more time-lapse video in our video gallery soon!

Eben Bayer speaking at TEDGlobal 2010 in Oxford

Written by Ecovative | 07/12/10

Catch Eben Bayer this week at TED Global. He will be talking about how mycelium based materials can be used to replace petrochemical based synthetics. TED talks are released free online over the course of the year, so check back later and we'll let you know when it's posted.

EcoCradle™ Protects Steelcase Furniture

Written by Ecovative | 06/15/10

Steelcase Inc. is a global leader in office furniture. They are committed to creating the most sustainable office furniture and product supply chain possible. Steelcase first approached...

Ecovative praised by head of EPA, as better strategy than more oil products

Written by Ecovative | 06/09/10

In remarks today at EPA’s 2010 Small Business Environmental Conference, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Lisa P. Jackson praised Ecovative: “ the very moment a massive spill is devastating families and businesses and destroying wetlands.." "We also see innovative products like Greensulate from Ecovative Design in New York. Greensulate is a natural form of insulation made from locally-grown materials. They use rice hulls ...

Lecture at Yestermorrow Design/Build School

Written by Ecovative | 06/03/10

On June 30th at 7pm, Eben will be presenting at the Yestermorrow Design/Build School in Vermont. Eben will document the cradle-to-cradle mindset that drov...

EcoCradle™ at Cooper Hewitt

Written by Ecovative | 05/24/10

EcoCradle™ is now featured in Smithsonian's Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum. If you're in the NYC area, stop by and take a look!

Earth Day at Ecovative

Written by Ecovative | 05/24/10

[caption id="attachment_113" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Earth Day at Ecovative"][/caption] Every day is Earth Day at Ecovative, but we decided to do something special this year. In honor of Earth...

Ecovative at matériO

Written by Ecovative | 05/24/10

[caption id="attachment_117" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Ecovative at matériO"][/caption] Ecovative's EcoCradle™ is now on display at

Add Fungi to Your Lesson Plan

Written by Ecovative | 05/24/10

Are you thinking of ways to spice up your lesson plan? Consider adding fungi to your curriculum! Currently, fungi are used to treat oil spills, provide insulation for buildings, package products, and a variety of other applications besides food. Introducing students to a wide range of uses for fungi, and the natural strategies of fungi, can encourage students to think of creative solutions to improve a situati...

Sustainable Packaging Coalition spring meeting

Written by Ecovative | 04/02/10

The Sustainable Packaging Coalition spring meeting is coming up on April 19th in Boston, MA. Ecovative's Environmental Director, Sam Harrington, will be there! Feel free to talk to him about our EcoCradle™ packaging. It's a radical new development in the p...

CSI:NY Highlights Greensulate

Written by Ecovative | 11/19/09

Greensulate™ was just featured in last night's episode of CSI:NY on CBS! Check out the episode here. Forward to 25:20 to see Greensulate™ in action!

PopSci: Best of What's New 2009

Written by Ecovative | 11/12/09

Popular Science's December 2009 issue declares EcoCradle™ natural packaging Best of What's New in 2009 under the Green Technology category. Other products that have also made Popular Science's list includes the Mercedes S400 BlueHybrid, the XBOX 360 and many more. It is truly an honor being recognized as one of the Top 100 Best Innovati...

PopTech Social Innovation Fellows Class of 2009

Written by Ecovative | 10/08/09

PopTech has recently announced Eben Bayer as one of the PopTech Social Innovation Fellows Class of 2009. The PopTech Social Innovations Fellows recognizes "high potential young leaders with new approaches poised for transformational impact. Fellows work in both the for-profit and not-for-profit worlds, nationally and internationally (as far away as India, South Africa, and Brazil), and are working in organizations that are well positioned f...

Our Cradle to Cradle Philosophy In Action

Written by Ecovative | 06/26/09

Our Mycologist, Sue Van Hook, uses EcoCradle™ packaging as mulch on her organic garden with great success. EcoCradle™, at the end of its life cycle, can easily go back to the Earth because it is 100% natural. From start to finish, EcoCradle™ packaging is environmentally friendly.  

We Moved

Written by Ecovative | 06/15/09

Last week we moved out of our old office and lab space in the RPI Business Incubator. We're now in a beautiful space across the river in Green Island New York. Not only is the name GREEN Island perfect for us, but it's powered...

We're in Popular Science

Written by Ecovative | 05/27/09

Ecovative Design is featured in the June issue of Popular Science, as a winner of the 2009 Invention Awards! Check it out on page 52. We’ll be getting lots of attention from this great new press.

Check Us Out in Popular Science Online

Written by Ecovative | 05/27/09 We've also been getting great press from Core77, Earth 911 and tons of other great blogs. We...

Ecovative Design Wins CEG Awards

Written by Ecovative | 04/22/09

Ecovative Design proudly received the Rising Star award from the Center of Economic Growth on Wednesday, April 15th. This award is for its outstanding achievements as a start-up company whose venture is showing long-term promise. “Although Ecovative Design has been in business for less than two y...

Ecovative Wins EPA Grant

Written by Ecovative | 03/17/09

For Immediate Release: RPI start-up, Ecovative Design, awarded EPA Green Technology Contract for new green insulation. Ecovative Design, LLC., a green tech startup located at the Rensselaer incubator in Troy, NY was chosen out of 300 applications for one of the 23 Small Business Innovation Research grants awarded in January. The purpose of these grants, totaling $1.6 million, is to bring promising new green technologies to market. For 27 ye...

November 2007

Written by Ecovative | 01/22/08

Press + Awards Ecovative Design won the 2007 ASME Innovation Showcase in Seattle, WA. Finalist in the Oxford University 21st Century Challenge Competition. Competiton will occur on November 29 at the Said Business School.

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