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Welcome to Ecovative’s Grow It Yourself Community!

At Ecovative, we believe that true innovation flourishes from the exchange of ideas. Here you can find great stories on our community’s Grow It Yourself projects, stay up to date on the latest resources from the Ecovative team, and learn how to start growing your own mycelium projects.

We are excited to see and hear about the projects you come up with using mycelium material, whether you are designing world changing solutions for fashion, architecture and product innovation, or growing beautiful toxic-chemical free planters and lamps.

Our dream is to live in a world where biomaterial products are grown in new manufacturing processes using living materials - and you just helped Ecovative take the important first step towards turning this dream into reality.


Get Started

Visit our Shop for supplies to start growing your own projects.

Hear from Ecovative’s own team of materials scientists and designers about the latest breakthroughs in mycelium based biofabrication and how you can apply their findings to your own work.

Visit our Education Center to learn more.