Grow It Yourself

Do I have to dry it?

You should! If you want your GIY project to retain its shape instead of continuing to grow, you need to dry it to prevent that. If you don’t dehydrate the project in an oven, but choose to ambiently desiccate instead, just note you’re not killing the mycelium, so your project may produce odd results. This could be turned into a design advantage if applied creatively.

What strain do you use?

Our strain is a trade secret protected by our patents. So we can’t give out any information about it, or other strains.

Will mushrooms grow from my project if I don’t cover it well enough?

Indeed they will! Given the right conditions, your mushroom material will attempt to sprout mushrooms and reproduce, but if you follow the instructions you should stay mushroom-free.

Will my finished project be waterproof?

Much like wood, mushroom materials need to be sealed to be waterproof. Unfinished mushroom materials will begin to decay when they get wet, just like unfinished timber.

Will my finished project catch on fire?

Mycelium is naturally fire resistant! It is not fire PROOF. Please DO NOT light your projects on fire.

Is this stuff going to stink up my house while it’s growing?

No way! You might notice an earthy smell if you stick your nose up against the bag, but you shouldn’t have to worry about any visitors questioning your hygiene, unless they already do, of course.

What if i want don’t want to use ecovatives giy

That is totally fine! We recommend GIY materials because it is READY TO GROW (seriously, just add water) and uses a blend of substrate and nutrients we have optimized over 10 years. Its also made from the same base we use in our factory—so you can use the material properties available on our website as guidance in the performance of your finished parts.

If you want to put your mycological skills to the test, here are a list of companies that you can purchase spawn from. Below is also a list of potential substrates that you could use. You can also mix these in with a GIY bag once it is reactivated.

Spawn Companies

North Spore

Fungi Perfecti

Mushroom People

Field and Forest

Potential substrates



Industrial hemp

Corn stover

Coffee grounds

Old denim

Mycelium Materials

Is the material waterproof?

No. It is water resistant to a certain point, but long term exposure to moisture will cause the material to begin its decomposition process. Mycelium is naturally hydrophobic, but the substrates we use can absorb water. If the material is given a chance to dry out, then it likely won’t affect the material’s structure. We recommend coating it to make it waterproof.

How fast do these mushroom materials biodegrade?

When broken down into small pieces and placed out in the elements, your mushroom materials will return to the earth in about a month.

How does it decompose?

Mushroom® Materials do not degrade without exposure to living organisms, such as that found in soil biota, and moisture. You can think of it like an unfinished piece of wood. A wooden table isn’t going to decompose without exposure to the right conditions. Like most things you’d keep in your home or in a warehouse, Mushroom Materials will last. But if you leave that wooden table outside, or put wood chips into a compost pile, it will naturally decompose. The same is true with Mushroom Materials.

What certifications do you have?

We are Cradle to Cradle™ Gold Certified and Living Future Declare Certified.

What type of mushroom are you using?

Our technology and processes are a trade secret protected by our patents, including the specific strain we use. We have a large strain library and can actually use different species to achieve different material properties.

Are there any allergy concerns?

There is no known allergen risk with our Mushroom® Materials. The mushroom we use is very similar to a commonly used medicinal mushroom (found in nutritional supplements, etc). There are no spores involved in our process as we keep the organism at its vegetative state. A huge body of literature is published on humans’ interactions with this type of mushroom, and no allergens have been reported. We have worked with third party labs to verify the safety of our materials.

How does it compare to conventional packaging?

Very well! Mushroom® Packaging is a direct replacement for expanded polystyrene or polyethylene foams, but it can replace lots of different kinds of packaging.

Will it catch on fire?

Mycelium is naturally fire resistant!

Can you eat Mushroom Materials?

In theory, yes. However it is not tasty, and not nutritious, so we do not recommend it.

Still have questions?

Shoot us an email at contest@ecovativedesign.com

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