Mycelium is an ideal ingredient to support both plant-based and cell-based whole cuts of meat. For this reason, we created Atlast™.


Plant-based Meat

All plant-based meats sold today are in ground form, as burgers, chicken fingers or other “reconstituted” products. However, in the existing animal protein market, whole cuts are the majority sold. Plant-based meats have been missing a key ingredient until now: structure.


Cell-based Meat

Mycelium serves as an edible, vegan structure for growing whole cuts of meat. Other cellular scaffolds are derived from animal tissues, which are heterogenous and undesirable for the clean meat industry.

Platform Features



Mycelium is a self-assembling 3D scaffolding with tunable porosity and controllable fiber orientation.



There is no volumetric limit to mycelium growth. Mycelium can be grown to a 3D form or post-processed to shape.



Mycelium from gourmet mushrooms is edible and offers a range of nutritional benefits from fiber to protein.

Partner with us

We are actively seeking partners in the cell-based and plant-based meat spaces. Please reach out to us if your company would like to learn more about our applications for mycelium in the food industry.