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The Mycelium Biofabrication Platform

Automated Cellular Assembly

Ecovative Partners with CNC Exotic Mushrooms to Reach EU Market

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One Cell at a Time

At Ecovative, we use mycelium to grow materials. It all begins at the cellular level. The microscopic branches of mycelium, hyphae, grow outwards into 3D space self assembling into complex high performance structures.

Mycelium hyphae shown under a scanning electron microscope

Programmable Materials

By controlling the nutrients, environment, and the DNA of our organism we turn mycelium into programmable matter. Creating macro-objects with micro-structure precision that grow in just days.

Our biofabrication platform enables new materials with powerful properties.

Here are a few examples...

Grown molded shapes

Large panels and blocks

High performance foams

We help industry leaders create better materials through biology...

Materials like

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Powered by mycelium. Available exclusively through Bolt Threads.

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We also support everyday people around the world who want to create better products through biology...

Buy the raw materials you need to grow with mycelium at home.

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We keep our most popular products in stock and ready for purchase! Check out our Shop for a look at our currently available products.

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Not seeing what you need in our shop? Good news! Anything you can imagine that is thermoformable, we can grow into a custom shape. Use our quoting tool to get the process started.

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Learn About Our Pilot Plant

Ecovative’s pilot plant manufacturing facility in Green Island, NY is where we use the magic of mycelium to bring grown products to life. Click below if you’d like to learn to more about how our process works.

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Learn About Opening Your Own Plant

Ecovative holds broad patents in over 31 countries. Want to use our mycelium composite technology in your region?

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How It Works

Read more about how we use mycelium to create packaging, building materials, and consumer products.

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