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We help industry leaders create better materials through biology.

We create category-defining products through mycelium biofabrication for apparel, beauty, packaging, design, cell agriculture, medical industries, and beyond.

Our products range from beautiful leather-like textiles to high performance foams and cellular scaffolding.

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We work with best-in-class brands to prototype, create, build, and scale their products for the largest impact.

We license our technology, consult, and provide research expertise to develop high performance, sustainable materials and products across a variety of fields.

  • Fashion / Apparel
  • Beauty
  • Packaging
  • Design / Interiors
  • Performance Foam Materials (shoes, apparel, furniture)
  • Performance Filters (air, water)
  • Building Materials

Ecovative licensee Bolt Threads debuted the first product using MycoFlex™ technology, a mycelium leather-like material named Mylo™, in April 2018.

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Ecovative is a privately held company. If you’re interested in investing in Ecovative, please contact us.


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