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MycoBoard is a premium, customizable, certified sustainable engineered low-density core for wood products. It is bound together using mycelium – “nature’s glue” – which is formaldehyde-free, safe, and healthy. This versatile, non-toxic engineered wood, which offers acoustic and fire-resistant properties, can be molded into custom shapes or used as a core like honeycomb,, making it an ideal solution for the architectural and design community.

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Current Applications

  • Furniture (Structural and Non Structural)
    • Work surfaces
    • Molded furniture components
    • Seatbacks
  • Door cores
  • Cabinetry

Key Benefits

MycoBoard is:

  • Environmentally Safe
    • Urea-Formaldehyde Free
    • VOC Free
    • Class B Fire Rated
  • Customizable
  • Made in USA & North America
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Current Capabilities and Scale

Our Green Island facilities and team are producing custom molded MycoBoard shapes as well as lightweight cores for furnitures, doors, and other applications.

We have multiple presses designed to accept molded tooling for the production of chair backs, wall tiles, custom architectural elements, and complex geometries. Pressing the material right to its final form removes the need for milling or routing, reducing waste and energy.

Resin Technology

MycoBoard is powered by our mResin™ technology and is directly compatible with existing presses. Loose particles, from hemp to conventional wood fibers, are then combined with our proprietary mycelium strains. The growth of the mycelium converts some of the particles into a natural and safe biological glue.

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Substrate Variations

MycoBoard has an open loop supply chain. We are able to incorporate a variety of lignin/cellulose based materials to create end products. Here are some examples:

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Soft Wood

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Hard Wood

Case Studies

MycoBoard is customizable. We work directly with customers to develop ideal product solutions.

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Gunlocke®, the leading provider of private office furniture, collaborated with Ecovative to create a sustainable alternative for the outside seat back of their newest product introduction Savor™ Guest Seating. Setting high standards and striving for sustainability, Gunlocke is committed to reducing the environmental impact of the business throughout the entire product life cycle, from research and development to disposal. Gunlocke and Ecovative worked together throughout the design and development process until an ideal solution was reached. Today, Ecovative is manufacturing the outside seat backs for Gunlocke using its revolutionary MycoBoard technology. Savor is the first product in the furniture industry to use this Cradle-to-Cradle™ Gold Certified Material.

Enjoy Handplanes

Ed Lewis of Enjoy Handplanes has a serious interest in sustainability, and typically makes his handplanes (used to help bodysurfers glide through the water) from upcycled surfboard foam and old neoprene wetsuits for the handles. After spending years making his product from polyurethane foam, which produces production waste that was not biodegradable, he approached us with the idea of growing handplanes out of our MycoBoard technology for a more sustainable solution to production.

“After seeing for myself the production methods of Ecovative I was hooked. At the start of their production line is agricultural waste that comes into the building. At the other end earth friendly products are produced and the waste from that is sent off to a composting facility to make more soil. It was the most sustainable production facility I have ever seen. This is how I want to make our products.” says Ed “The idea that our product was grown and any waste could be composted was just what I had envisioned as the perfect solution to sustainable production in the surf industry.”

Ecovative worked closely with Ed to develop the right shape and density for the product. Today, Ed is selling Funguy Handplanes that perform great, look awesome, and best yet are Earth compatible.

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