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Move away from plastic foams like expanded polystyrene (you might call this Styrofoam) or expanded polyethylene by switching to our Earth friendly alternative!

Mushroom® Packaging

Mushroom® Packaging is a premium alternative to your current fabricated foam packaging solution. Protect your product and differentiate your brand with attractive, natural protective packaging.

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Mushroom® Insulation and Acoustics

MycoFoam, now proven to replace plastic foams for protective packaging, is coming next to insulation and acoustic tiles. Today’s most common insulation materials have some serious negative environmental consequences. We’re developing natural Mushroom® Insulation as a healthy, easy to install, fire resistant insulation product that performs.

Mushroom® Insulation is available in limited quantities for select projects. Please contact our sales team to get the conversation started. We're currently working with partners from the building and construction field to scale this material. If you’re a builder or contractor and want to be among the first to know when Mushroom Insulation is available, sign up here and we’ll keep you posted when we announce final specs, pricing and other details.

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Mushroom® Buoys and Rafts

We’re currently developing replacements for buoys and other marine applications. MycoFoam is naturally buoyant and can withstand salt water for 2-3 months before breaking down. We are actively exploring coating techniques that will allow the material to sustain longer, but still decompose when the product is no longer wanted or lost at sea. Stay tuned for updates and developments!

Performance Specifications

Metric Standard Testing Lab MycoFoam
Density (lbs/ft3) ASTM C303 Ecovative 7.6
Compressive Strength (psi) ASTM C165 Ecovative 18
Compressive Elastic Modulus (psi) ASTM C165 Ecovative 165
Flexure Strength (psi) ASTM C203 Ecovative 34
Compostability (days) ASTM D6400 NSF International 30
Flame Spread ASTM E84 QAI 20
Smoke Emission ASTM E84 QAI 50
Thermal Conductivity, at 10°C (W/mK) ASTM C518 Oak Ridge National Laboratory 0.039
Water Vapor Permeation (dry cup) ASTM E96 Oak Ridge National Laboratory 30
Moisture Storage at 53.5% RH (%) ASTM C1498 Oak Ridge National Laboratory 8
Moisture Storage at 75% RH (%) ASTM C1498 Oak Ridge National Laboratory 12

Do you have an application for MycoFoam that isn’t listed, or do you have a small unit volume? We encourage you to explore our Grow It Yourself program!

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