MycoComposite™ is our patented biomaterials platform utilizing mycelium as a self-assembling, biological binder for hemp agricultural waste.

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Mushroom Packaging

Developed in 2007, Mushroom® Packaging is a high performing packaging solution, grown by mycelium making it100% bio-based and is C2C Gold certified.


Learning about a new material and process is easiest through play. We encourage your to grow mycelium at home and join other designers in the MycoCommunity.



CNC Mushrooms

Ecovative partnered with Netherlands-based CNC Exotic Mushrooms to exclusively distribute raw materials in Europe to support the growing ecosystem of mycelium-based companies and products throughout the European Union.


Krown Design

Krown Design creates and sells their own mycelium products in the European market. This partnership has enabled us to spread our knowledge of mycelium production to Europe and reduce shipping costs for customers who live there.


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