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Ecovative in the News

Grow your own lamp out of mushrooms and hemp

Written by Thuy Ong | 07/11/17

Ever Wanted to Grow Your Own Lamp Out of Mushrooms? Now You Can

Written by Luke Dormehl | 07/05/17

These Designers Are Trying to Build Everything Out of Mushrooms

Written by Samar Warsi | 07/04/17

Green Island Company Awarded $9.1 Million Contract To Develop Living Building Materials

Written by LUCAS WILLARD | 06/30/17

Ecovative gets $9.1M DARPA contract for living materials

Written by AP | 06/29/17

Troy tech company gets $9.1M defense contract to literally grow building materials

Written by Chelsea Diana | 06/28/17

How Lab-Grown Materials Are Changing Manufacturing

Written by The Future of Everthing | 06/23/17

Packaging Food With Food to Reduce Waste

Written by Stephanie Strom | 05/30/17

Kean University Industrial Design Students are Growing New Products with Mushroom® Materials

Written by Kean News | 05/22/17

The future you never imagined is here: mushrooms to replace plastic and Styrofoam packaging

Written by Amanda Dirobella | 04/27/17

Appalachian students partner with biomaterials company, build sustainable products

Written by Appalachian State University | 04/11/17

#LAUNCHCircular Innovation Pop-up Series

Written by Davar Ardalan | 04/04/17

Growing a lampshade

Written by James Tate | 03/28/17

Sustainable Artwork at Great Oaks

Written by Rosenblum Companies | 03/24/17

A natural feel to new art at office buildings

Written by Leigh Hornbeck | 03/24/17

Rosenblum Companies utilizes Ecovative Design’s sustainable wall tiles

Written by Jeff Wallace | 03/21/17

Eben Bayer: Harnessing Mushroom Power To Eradicate Plastics

Written by Laurel Moglen | 03/15/17

Mushrooms used to decorate Guilderland office buildings

Written by Leigh Hornbeck | 03/14/17

MycoBoard Offers an Innovative, Sustainable Solution for Building Products

Written by Jennifer Castenson | 03/13/17

The Quest To Grow Cities From Scratch

Written by Meg Miler | 03/07/17

Believe It Or Not, You Can Buy Gorgeous Furniture Made Of Mushrooms

Written by Christopher Luu | 02/26/17

Could Synthetic DNA Be the Next Tech Breakthrough?

Written by Jennifer Alsever | 01/26/17

Can fungus save the planet? Eben Bayer on disrupting the toxic economy

Written by David Goodman | 12/21/16

Ecovative unveils Grow It Yourself mushroom ornaments

Written by Lacy Cooke | 12/20/16

Now you can buy gorgeous furniture made of mushrooms

Written by Knvul Sheikh | 11/30/16

Why Your Next Chair May Be Made Out of Mushrooms

Written by Nicholas Deleon | 11/17/16

Toadstool footstools: Are organisms manufacturing's future?

Written by Michael Hill | 11/14/16's-future

TOH Top 100 2016: Best New Building Products

Written by This Old House | 10/28/16

The Home Front: Zero Waste Conference promotes circular economy

Written by Rebecca Keillor | 10/27/16

This new furniture is grown from Mushroom Materials

Written by Lauren Shanesy | 10/19/16

Mushroom magic sparks innovation for Ecovative's Co-Founder Eben Bayer

Written by Metro Vancouver | 10/18/16

Vermonter shares new furniture line grown from mushrooms

Written by Cat Viglienzoni | 10/17/16

Can Eben Bayer Save the World With Mushrooms?

Written by Sadie Williams | 10/17/16

VT Innovator Debuts Mushroom Grown Furniture

Written by Rachel Aragon | 10/17/16

Clean Tech ECHS students mark Manufacturing Week

Written by Wendy Liberatore | 10/07/16

Green Island mushroom innovator grows furniture line

Written by Brian Nearing | 10/05/16

Pioneering Green Island firm launches mushroom-based furniture

Written by Brian Nearing | 10/05/16

Clean Technologies and Sustainable Industries students participate in national manufacturing events

Written by Wendy Liberatore | 10/05/16

Ecovative Launches New Line of Biofabricated Furniture for the Home Fully Grown From Mushroom® Materials

Written by SynBioBeta | 10/04/16

What Would Nature Do? Danielle Trofe Urges Designers to Ask

Written by Jennifer Rittner | 09/29/16

A Sea of Plastic

Written by Laura Krantz | 09/26/16

Growing furniture with mushrooms

Written by CNN World | 09/16/16

'Magic' mushroom material grows into desks, chairs and lampshades

Written by Sophie Morlin-Yron | 09/16/16

Local Business Owners Create Unique Office Space Inside Troy Innovation Garage

Written by Troy Innovation Garage | 09/14/16

De-Shopping: How To Change The World Through Circular Living

Written by John O'Reilly | 09/13/16

How One Dell Business Partner Has Grown Their Sustainable Idea Into Success

Written by Oliver Campbell | 09/13/16

Made From Mushrooms: How One Entrepreneur Grew A Sustainable Business

Written by Mark Stone | 09/07/16

A startup founded by 2 college friends is turning mushrooms into walls — and it's already doing deals with major companies like Dell

Written by Erin Brodwin | 08/25/16

These gnarly lampshades are made of ‘shrooms and they’re weirdly perfect

Written by April Joyner | 08/19/16

Meet the Makers: Ecovative

Written by Troy Mini Maker Faire | 08/17/16

Wooden surfboards to mushroom handplanes: the surf companies tackling ocean waste – gallery

Written by Tess Riley | 08/02/16

Ecovative bio-based engineered panel and resins meet EPA formaldehyde rules

Written by Woodworking Network | 07/29/16

Ecovative Design sees potential for new business following EPA ruling

Written by Chelsea Diana | 07/29/16

How 2 college kids turned a school project into a million-dollar eco-friendly business

Written by Landon Dowdy | 07/22/16

The Harm In Plastic Packaging

Written by U-Konserve | 07/21/16

10 organizations that are demanding healthy material

Written by ILFI Staff | 07/12/16

It's all about the fungi

Written by Scott W. Angus | 06/20/16

Split Picture: U.S. Manufacturers That Sell at Home Fare Better Than Exporters

Written by Lisa Bielfuss | 05/22/16

Bio-based panel adhesives inventor says nature's tool kit can develop healthier products

Written by Bill Esler | 05/20/16

Ecovative working with designers to decorate your office with mushrooms

Written by Chelsea Diana | 05/04/16

Ecovative launches new interior design products

Written by Larry Rulison | 05/04/16

Ecovative Design gets into interior design business

Written by Larry Rulison | 05/04/16

Eco-Packaging Evolves

Written by Danielle Beurteaux | 05/01/16

The greenhouse that acts like a beetle and other inventions inspired by nature

Written by Bruce Watson | 04/10/16

Ecovative's co-founder can grow anything out of mushrooms.

Written by Emily Siegel | 03/15/16

Replacing Petroleum Based Products with Breakthrough Biomaterials

Written by Tess Burzynski | 03/10/16

Troy mayor praises Ross Valve's growing Lansingburgh campus

Written by Larry Rulison | 02/16/16

Ecovative mushroom-derived plywood, gets $4 million funding, and sales to Gunlocke

Written by Bill Esler | 02/14/16

Why this Troy tech company is ringing NASDAQ's closing bell today

Written by Chelsea Diana | 02/12/16

Sustainable solutions for set design

Written by Birgit Heidsiek | 02/08/16

Ecovative raises almost $4 million in its quest to sustainably furnish your office

Written by Chelsea Diana | 01/28/16

In Davos, a Chance for Entrepreneurs to Network With Top Leaders

Written by Stacy Cowley | 01/20/16

The New Plastics Economy: Rethinking the Future of Plastics

Written by Ellen MacArthur Foundation | 01/19/16

Great Ideas Are Our Best Currency

Written by Rick Fedrizzi | 01/14/16

The mightily pleasing world of mushroom plastics

Written by Jennifer Huizen | 12/09/15

Tapping Into Nature

Written by Terrapin Bright Green | 11/25/15

Creating Solutions With Nature's Genetic Toolbox

Written by Kate Hall | 11/24/15

Top 10 green building products for 2016

Written by Emily Peiffer | 11/19/15

How the CEO of Ecovative, Eben Bayer, is Using Biology to Create Disruptive Solutions

Written by Christopher Harrison | 10/27/15

Ecovative and the Growing Mushroom Materials Boom

Written by Christopher Harrison | 10/20/15

Enjoy Handplanes - Patagonia (video)

Written by Steve Cachero | 10/01/15

Gunlocke Seat Back Goes Red-List Free Using Mushrooms

Written by Candace Pearson | 09/08/15

This Entrepreneur Is Literally Growing The Future Of Manufacturing

Written by Alex Knapp | 05/06/15

How Mushrooms Can Be Used To Make Particle Board Less Toxic

Written by Sam Grobart | 04/13/15

Mushroom-based modelling kit allows users to grow their own designs

Written by Maudie Manton | 03/25/15


Written by Andrew Zaleski | 03/25/15

Humble Shroom Unlikely Soldier In War Against Global Warming

Written by Capt. Trevor Greene | 02/24/15

Diving into the Sustainable Surfing Movement

Written by Charmaine Li | 02/23/15

Are mushroom boards the future of surfing?

Written by Alex King  | 02/23/15

Take a look inside an eco-friendly home of the future

Written by Rich McEachran | 02/03/15

Ecovative CEO 'optimistic' following Davos and the 2015 World Economic Forum

Written by Chelsea Diana | 02/03/15

Ecovative Design to move manufacturing operations from Iowa to Troy

Written by Chelsea Diana | 02/02/15

30 Under 30 Who Are Moving The World 2015

Written by Caroline Howard | 01/05/15

30 Under 30 Reinventing Manufacturing In A Greener, Tech-Savvier World

Written by Alex Knapp | 01/05/15

DIY Kit Lets You Make Designs Out of Mushrooms

Written by Liz Stinson | 12/18/14

This biodegradable drone is grown from mushrooms and covered in wasp spit

Written by Rachel Feltman | 11/22/14

When less is more in packaging

Written by unknown | 11/19/14

Capital Region Company Gets EPA Grant To Develop New "Biopolymer" Technology

Written by Lucas Willard | 11/12/14

Bio-drone simply melts away when it crashes

Written by Aviva Rutkin | 11/12/14

Innovative Compostable Packaging by Ecovative

Written by Unknown | 09/22/14

Will polystyrene cancer concerns prompt brands to change?

Written by Leigh Stringer | 08/27/14

Want to achieve your sustainability goals without having to compromise on cost or performance? Mushrooms could be the answer.

Written by Victoria Knowles | 08/20/14

How To Build A Lamp, Sculpture, Or Even A House Out Of Mushrooms

Written by ARIEL SCHWARTZ | 08/05/14

How To Compost an Entire Building

Written by Matt Shaw | 08/01/14

Introducing the Blue Economy

Written by Nina Fowler | 07/29/14

11 Simple Inventions That Could Change The World

Written by Kevin Short | 07/15/14

5 Social Entrepreneurs Who Could Change the World

Written by J V Crum III | 07/08/14

How Arup Engineered The Living's Mushroom Tower

Written by Matt Clark and Shaina Saporta | 07/01/14

By Design | Tour a New Building Made of Corn and Mushrooms at MoMA PS1

Written by EVIANA HARTMAN | 06/25/14


Written by Fast Company Staff | 02/13/14

Behind The Living's "100% Organic" Pavilion for MoMA PS1

Written by Avinash Rajagopal | 02/10/14

Mushroom Surfboards

Written by Justin Housman | 01/06/14

Mushrooms: The Future of Packaging

Written by Jason Sanchez | 01/02/14

Magic of mushrooms: Dawning of the Fungus Age

Written by Richard Webb | 12/04/13

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