Our Mycelium foundry allows us to develop and fine-tune new, sustainable materials by programming biology. We use mycelium, the root structure of mushrooms, throughout our technology platforms to grow advanced materials.



Mycelium is capable of building macrostructures. This aspect is unique to our biofabrication platforms in the biotechnology space. We grow high-performance structures versus making individual components that need to be assembled into a functional material.


Tunable Characteristics

Our biofabrication processes enable us to tune the structure of mycelium based on the desired performance characteristics of the material we’re producing. We can control porosity, texture, strength, resilience, fiber orientation and more.


Bio-based & Sustainable

Our Mycelium foundry uses natural inputs to produce high-performing, advanced materials that are also compatible with the planet. Mycelium materials will biodegrade over time after their intended product life cycle in contrast to plastic-based materials that hang around for thousands of years.


At Ecovative, we design, test and operate a variety of first-in-the-world custom incubation systems each tailored to a specific process and material output. Our 35,000 sq. ft. Mycelium Foundry located in Green Island, NY is where we research, develop and produce all of our mycelium-based materials.

Biofabrication platforms



Mycelium is a vegan ingredient for structure. With our Atlast™ platform, we’re creating an edible scaffolding made of mycelium that can be infused with flavors and other components to deliver a whole cut of meat to the dinner table.



Our MycoFlex™ platform produces 100% pure mycelium structure. This mycelium foam offers a sustainable alternative to plastic-based materials for a wide range of applications from high-performance footwear to leather alternatives.



With our MycoComposite™ platform, mycelium — the root structure of mushrooms — binds together organic matter like agricultural byproducts and wood chips to produce durable, biodegradable and 100% vegan composite materials.