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Press Kit

Thank you for sharing Ecovative with your audience! You may use any of the content here and on the rest of this site as you see fit.

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  1. Our name, Ecovative, comes from eco (as in ecology) plus innovative. Be careful with auto-spell check, as it tends to change it to Evocative.
  2. There are no spores in our process. We use mycelium, which is the vegetative growth stage of fungi. Spores are produced by the fruiting body or mushroom and we don't grow our materials long enough to produce mushrooms or spores.
  3. We don't make packing peanuts or food packaging today.
  4. We make protective packaging called Mushroom® Packaging and Grow-It-Yourself Mushroom Material (GIY).

If you aren't sure about a fact, feel free to ask us to fact check your piece before it is published. We're more likely to share stories and promote publications ourselves if the information is 100% correct.