Submission Forum Opens March 13th

Please return back here on that day to submit your project.

Submission Requirements:

  • Name

  • Team/Individual

  • Project Title

  • Project Description

  • Substrate Used

  • Medium of Mold

  • Images of Grown Form*

  • Images of Designed Mold*

  • Optional: Video*

  • Additional Information

*To submit images, create Google Drive folder using file naming convention:


We are not responsible in locating your contest folder if naming convention does not follow given format.


  • A home-made growth form- try to use eco-friendly materials if possible.

  • A design that has function and potential to replace something not eco-friendly.

  • A product that will biodegrade when composted at the end of its life.

  • A solution to some problem, large or small.

  • Something we haven't seen before.

  • Creativity (do not be afraid to push the limits of how we view/use products).

  • Images shared via Google Drive to using naming convention “Contest_Team/Yourname_2019


  • To see existing designs recreated or copied.

  • A design without function and solely form (though they are cool, you can do better).

  • Non sustainable material woven or fused in with the mycelium (I.E. plastic fortification, harmful glue, toxic finishes, non compostables/biodegradable additives. 

  • Do not mail in your physical project.