Ecovative is a diverse group of engineers, biologists, artists and designers — dedicated to the development of high-performance, environmentally conscious materials.

Our mission

Creating next generation materials through mycelium biofabrication, and making these capabilities and materials ubiquitous and accessible to everyone, from bespoke local producers to industrial scale facilities. We help people around the world grow better materials for everyday needs.

Our Values

  • Kindness: to those around you and the planet

  • Growth: to commit to continuous improvement in ourselves and our work

  • Teaching: to help others see, understand, and create

  • Exploration: to probe the secrets of the hidden kingdom beneath our feet

  • Courage: to do whats right

  • Agency: You create the change. Here. And in the world. 

  • Stewardship: use biology to create materials that enhance & preserve the earth

Board of Directors

Management Team