At Ecovative, we believe there is a better way to feed the planet and reduce the amount of plastic used in consumer products. Our mission is to grow better materials that are compatible with Earth. Using our Mycelium Foundry, we are collaborating with companies to create alternative meat products, biodegradable packaging materials, animal-free leather and more.



As the population increases to 10 billion people by 2050, plant-based “meat” and cell-based meat initiatives are being billed as the future of food. In order to deliver whole cuts of meat to the dinner table, scaffolding is needed. This is where our Atlast™ products play a supporting role.



MycoFlex™ is 100% pure mycelium structure. This platform enables the engineering of high-performance foams to create a variety of material types across a wide range of applications.



Our MycoComposite™ platform uses mycelium, the root structure of mushrooms, to bind together organic agricultural byproducts, such as wood chips, to produce durable, bio-based and 100% compostable materials.

Partner with us

We work with best-in-class brands such as Dell, Ikea, Biomason, Gunlocke, Bolt Threads and Sealed Air.

Past and Present Partners